Episode 9 – The One Where John and Matt’s Eyeballs Get Creamed

In a very special LTMIG double feature, I take Matt and the listeners on a dark foray into my past, covering the movie The Buttercream Gang and its illustrious sequel The Buttercream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain. These were some of the few movies that I could watch as a child without the ever-present threat of my mother removing the VHS from the VCR because of one too many “butt”, “damn”, or “shut up” occurrences, of which these movies had zero. Unfortunately, the movies also blew chunks.

Buttercream Gangs 1 & 2 were distributed by the Mormon folks at the now-defunct Feature Films for Families organization, a company that successfully marketed its films to evangelical Christians and homeschool families (or both, in my case) due to their clean, moral content and suspicious omission of any Mormon-specific material. The result was low-budget movies with boring dialog, little action, and one-dimensional characters.

The Buttercream Gang tells the story about a member of a “good gang” named Pete leaves the gang for a life of hardcore gangbanging—by Mormon standards—and follows how the new leader of the Buttercream Gang copes with Pete’s departure from the straight-and-narrow. The sequel follows a member of the Buttercream Gang who gets bullied and teased for his weight in the first film, showing that he can have amazing adventures despite being fat and dumb. Or something like that.

If you want to know what we’re talking about, you can watch the first and second Buttercream Gang films on Youtube. You can also find them on Amazon.

Intro music has been graciously provided by the great Ronald Jenkees. A lot of his tunes are available for purchase via Amazon and can also be streamed via Amazon Music Unlimited. Please support him—he’s a fantastic artist.

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